CTeen celebrating Purim world wide!

CTeens of Brookline & Newton Massachusets join for Purim Party!

CTeen groups in Massachusetts hired a Party trolley bus and picked up a bunch of excited teenagers! Each of them got a custom CTeen Brookline/Newton Centre wristband as they got on the bus and drove around downtown boston. While riding, the Megillah was read followed by blasting Jewish music and singing of the new CTeen anthem. They headed to the Brookline Teen Center, the hottest/newest teen place in Brookline where they heard Havdalah and had pizza on tables that were set with the CTeen colors. After that, they packed 50 Mishloach Manos and elected two volunteer teens from each location to deliver them Purim day to a local Jewish Senior Center during their Purim festivities. Seventy teens showed up!

“CTeen of Manchester leads Purim Carnival!”

CTeen of Manchester England ran a Purim carnival for their community! They prepared booths and signs and directed the booths that were Purim themed. The carnival was after megilla reading where there were also hamantashen and refreshments so the parents can sit and relax. They also showed a CTeen shabbaton slideshow during the family Purim meal! After that one of the boys spoke about his amazing experience in New York!

“CTeen of Las Vegas, NV Visits the elderly!”

Says Sara Sherman:  “Our CTeen girls visited the elderly at an Assisted Living facility. Some of them packed up food packages but they all made it Purim morning to visit. My 13 yr old son actually read Megillah and the girls sat next to the elderly for the duration. Then they went around talking to them and asking them about the last Purim they remember. The same crowd of girls (plus a few more) also sent mishloach manos packages to inmates’ children. They’re incredible!”

CTeen Newton, MA

CTeen of Pacific Pallisades, CA has Megilla reading, Jeff’s sausages and packed food to deliver to the homeless!

“Short Hills & Rockaway have joint Purim party!”

CTeen of Short Hills NJ joins CTeen of Rockaway NY on their Party bus on the night of Purim, where they went to the city for Kosher Pizza and visited Times Square.

Sunday morning they joined the JRA – an organization that distributes food packages to the needy. They packaged food and distributed it to Jews in Newark.

CTeen Orlando, FL