CTeens of Teaneck & Brighton Beach have clothing drive

1/25/14 Teaneck, NJ


By: Corine Dahan

Yesterday, a group of girls from Cteen of Teaneck, NJ got together to separate and pack the clothes we received from a clothing drive. It was an amazing thing to be a part of this chessed opportunity. We had an assembly line so we could use our time wisely. First we had someone bring the garbage bag of clothes from one room to the other.  Then we had someone else quickly look through the clothes to see if there were any stains, holes, or anything non-sendable.

Any thing that we couldn’t send went to salvation army. Everything that was good went on to the next pile where we had about three people folding the clothes passing it on to the people placing it in the designated boxes. This continued on for about 3 hours. In total we packed a total of 28 boxes that are being sent to Israel. We had about 5-6 big garbage bags going to salvation army. This chessed activity was VERY successful Thank God. It was very fun and productive.


Below: CTeen Teaneck, NJ