CTeen sends gifts to children of Jewish inmates…

2/26/14 Montreal Quebec

By: Dody Zennou

On Tuesday, February 11th, CTeen of TMR organized a community service program that was done to give to the children of inmates. Although this was the first time that our Chabad ever organized this kind of activity, because every-time we do other types of amazing activities, it was a chance for all of the volunteers to realized how much of an impact we could have on people no matter what we do.
With the help of our Rebbetzin Mrs. Esther Rader, Mushky Krasnianski and many others, we decorated spatulas and turned them into puppets and playful toys. Not only were we able to enlighten the lives of many children who have a parent in jail, but we were also reassuring the parent that the whole Jewish community, you and I, are looking out for our fellow brothers and sisters. CTeen of TMR gave me the opportunity to understand the profundity of how much we could do, not matter the situation.
CTeen Montreal, Quebec
CTeen Montreal, Quebec
CTeen Wilmongton, DE