CTeen Visits Old Age Homes



At CTeen we spoke about appreciation, focusing on the goodness that we have been blessed with instead of looking at the undesired elements of our lives. Many CTeens visited old age homes and were inspired by hearing the life-stories of elderly people, highlighting how much they have to be grateful for. Other CTeens sent pillow cases to Bomb Shelters in Israel to show appreciation for protecting our land!

In Venice, Florida, an elderly woman shared her thoughts with her CTeen visitors: “I had a lovely surprise tonight. I have met some young, lovely Jewish American kids who shared their thoughts with me. I am so proud of them. They gave me a little joy tonight. I have been sad for a while and I really don’t want them to leave. I am glad to have met you and hope to see you at services sometime or at the Chabad House. Anyhow, you’re a joy. G-d bless you!”


CTeen of Manchester makes a cooking show for the elderly!


CTeen Venice Beach, FL visits old age home!

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