CTeen of Roslyn, NY go snow tubing!


“CTeen of Roslyn, New York experienced a most incredible two-day trip this winter. The first day of the trip saw the teens exploring the local mall, climbing a four-story rope course and enjoying the game room and gym at Chabad of New City, New York. Following a gourmet kosher Chinese dinner and grand swim, the teens ended their day roasting marshmallows in the fireplace at Chabad of Suffern, New York. Day two consisted of an incredible snow tubing activity at the Camelback Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania followed by a kosher pizza dinner and ice cream.

In addition to all of the fun activities, the teens enjoyed performing so many mitzvot throughout the trip. Everyone washed their hands in the morning with the negel vasser they had prepared near their beds the night before. Some teens put on tefilin they had brought from home, then encouraging their friends to do the same. The teens also made brochos before and after eating food.

A huge thank you is extended to Rabbi Yaakov Wilansky of Roslyn Heights, NY for arranging this entire trip. The teens did not want it to end!”

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