Central Florida on ice!


Central Florida on Ice!

In the words of Anna Lazimi:

“With chills running through our spines and music blasting, CTeen chapters of Central Florida took over the rink! For the first time ever, we had four groups join together including South Orlando, Lake Mary, Greater Orlando and Daytona Beach! There were about 30 kids in total along with some cool CTeen leaders. We all literally ‘chilled together.’ (As Floridians, we are not used to the cold.) I guess it’s a good preparation for the New York shabbaton! After ice skating, we all drove to Chabad of South Orlando for a fancy dinner at the kosher gourmet restaurant next door. The food was fantastic! After dinner, we went into the Chabad center and discussed this month’s topic of appreciation. We realized that sometimes we need to remember how lucky we are and appreciate all the good and blessings we have and not focus on the negative. The program was incredible!”

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