Teens Unite for Chicago Chanukah Bash

Chicago, Illinois 12/2/13


By Alyse Lichtenfeld

With gratitude to Hashem, CTeen of the Chicagoland area held a wonderful Chanukah bash at Chabad of Highland Park, Illinois.

Teens from all over the area joined.  Public school and day school students were together, sharing the light of Chanukah. Highlights of the event included lighting a large, coin filled menorah, watching a comedy show,  candle making, a wood burning craft, a raffle for an iPad mini, delicious food, and spending time with friends.

CTeen advisor, Rabbi Telsner of Skokie, Illinois, complimented the event by giving us chizuk to always be proud of our Judaism no matter where we are.

Meira Superstein said regarding the party, “I loved meeting new people, being able to watch a funny Jewish comedian, and of course eating delicious food!”

“I loved that Jews of all different backgrounds and levels of observance came together to celebrate what we all have in common–our Jewish heritage,” expressed David Goldshmidt.

“It’s truly a great thing that these shluchim [Rabbi and Rebbetzin Telsner] bring teens together who may not have otherwise had the chance to connect with their Judaism,” said CTeen member Alyse Lichtenfeld.

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