Chanukah Blast at Washington’s CTeen


By Arielle Menn


On December 1st, CTeen members from the Seattle and Bellevue chapters came together and had a blast–literally–at our Chanukah event! Teens worked together in a race against the wind to decorate cars with Chanukah banners, light-up menorahs, and the fiery sign “Fight for Light.”


Once our cars were festive and safe from the weather, we piled into them and enjoyed a trip down to Everett, where we had a lot of laughs over a delicious dinner of salad, latkes, and schnitzel. All forty of us sang Chanukah songs together as Levy Menn lit the Chanukah menorah.


Then, the true fun began as everybody donned masks and learned to hold paintball guns. From those who had never even held a paintball gun to those who came decked out in their own specialized equipment, everybody had a blast (of paint!) on the fields. Afterward, exhausted and covered in explosions of paint, we talked about community and miracles over sufganiyot. We crammed into a group picture, then back into cars, and soon were back on our way to our own menorahs at home. A huge thank you to Chaya and Sholom Ber Elishevitz for putting the event together. We wish you a blast during your celebration of Chanukah!

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