A Truly Inspirational Chanukah!

A Truly Inspirational Chanukah!

12/1/13  Ben Brusk

Manchester, England

Ben Brusk, Manchester England

CTeen Manchester only truly started last February, when a number of Jewish teens participated in the annual CTeen Shabbaton. Each teen received a truly amazing gift, the gift of being proud to be Jewish, and we have never stopped spreading this gift. We now run a club twice a week where teens are welcome to eat, have a laugh, and enjoy being Jewish and proud. We also run monthly events such as go-karting, paintballing, laser quest, and much more.

This Chanukah we really spread the light. We ran an event that lasted all day. We started the day with an action packed laser quest war, where we annihilated the Green team. We then had a great time playing what we like to call crazy golf.

Then, we really had a truly inspirational experience. One teen, Richard Cohen, said, “It was truly brilliant to be a part of such a great experience. We truly felt like a community.” We took everyone on a limousine ride they would never forget. We were given the honour to lead the annual Manchester Chanukah parade. Saul Mendelson said, “We spread the happiness and joy Chanukah brings, with song, dance and even throwing chocolate coins!” Ethan Gilmore said, “We really thank CTeen for bringing us together and hope to do this for many years to come.”

Happy Chanukah to all from CTeen Manchester. Also, check out our video on Facebook at Chabad Teen Network Manchester.

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